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Imagine that you are walking around and all of the sudden you realize that you are in the middle of a dream. Waves of energy pulse through your body while you look around this mindscape as you imagine all of the potential. A very surreal feeling to say the least. This isn’t a concept. This is something that can actually be experienced. In fact it is something that we can practice. Eventually an experience that can occur on a regular basis. This is Lucid Dreaming.

Imagine a place where you can consciously work on things that you want to improve, whether it be sports, music, public speaking, relationships, even flying! Your imagination is the only limit. Imagine a place where you can explore this world, other worlds, your subconscious, imaginary places. A place where you can do things that you can’t do in the “real world”. Like mind over matter, walking through solid objects, flying at incredible speeds through mountain ranges, star fields, and microscopic worlds.  A place where you can defy the schemas of the physics we are constrained to. Like gravity, 3 dimensions, time, even your own body. You could experience what it’s like to inhabit another body. Imagine what it would feel like to be in a snakes body, a dolphin, or a humming bird! Even no body at all. You get the idea. There are many many possibilities. Think of virtual reality with no limitations. And this is just some of the basic stuff. You can explore your memories (imagine finding your keys :)), practice dream yoga, deeper meditation, and dreamless sleep states. Explore levels of consciousness. Even work on astral travel and self healing.
I could go on and on, but I’ll shut up.

Sure this just doesn’t happen over night. So to speak. It takes strong determination, concentration, a stable mind, and lots of patience. All of which are good for you anyway. These types of things have to be worked on in your daily life in order for them to manifest in the dream state. To practice this technique, we must attain a mindfulness in our waking life so that we can differentiate between these two states. I personally will look for dreamlike situations throughout the day. I’ll also ask myself if I’m dreaming. And actually look for indicators and answer the question after some thought. Otherwise I’ll probably just answer no in waking life and therefore in the dream state too. I can’t believe the things I am accept as real in a dream. Dogs flying by, friends turning into animals and vice versa, familiar places that are totally different than they really are. I have to laugh when I’m thinking about it later. These are all indicators that I’m dreaming. And if I am paying attention, mindful, and asking the right questions, I will be able to enter into a lucid dream much more often.

Ask yourself right now. Am I dreaming? Are you? How do you know? Really! Look around. What is dream like about this situation? Or not! Remember to do this often. If you are dreaming right now, these words will most likely change if you look away and look back at them. The written word is really fragile in the dream state. Just one of many things to look for. Mainly, just really look around and feel what it is to be awake and aware. This will eventually be part of your routine if you stick with it. Another thing to focus on is remembering your dreams in the morning. Even write them down. The more you remember the more you will recognize them.
All of this just takes a shift in the way you think throughout the day. which also seems to compliment many of the practices that many of us are already doing. If nothing else , our awareness of the present moment will drastically increase. I think that you’ll see positive changes in both the dream and waking states.

OK this just a very basic intro into LD. As you can see, there is a lot that can be done here.
But let me tell you, once you experience it, you will want to experience more. It is like nothing else. Just to witness your imagination and the power that you have is amazing in it self. Just watch for a while. Relax and witness this strange world that you created all around you. Experiment and play. Do what ever you want, it is your world.
Just come back once in a while OK?

My favorite book on the subject is The world of Lucid Dreaming by Steven LaBerge.
I learned a lot more than just dreaming from this book. Check out this website too.
Tons of great info and stories. If you haven’t seen it, watch the movie Waking Life.
It touches on lucid dreaming and has a lot of great philosophy.

I would love to hear your experiences and comments from the past or as you start exploring. Some interesting and funny situations always seem to come up. It’s great entertainment too. What a great way to spend a third of your life!

Have fun and get to bed!

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