A Small Thing

Drive your car like your running out of gas…. ‘cuz we actually are running out of gas. If you pay attention to your gas mileage (via a calculator at the pump or if your car does it for you), you’ll start to notice just how much you can save by changing the way you drive. Imagine just coasting in to a red light rather than accelerating until the last second (we’ve all been there a time or two as we’re unconsciously rushing around town). You can easily save a few MPG by driving consciously which saves money, resources, and emissions. Give it a shot and see if you can beat your last record.

What do you think?

one of the principal reasons i didn’t want to stay in LA was because of the car culture.

i understand that public transport is appalling, but surely the solution is not to keep driving ....?

how about a city wide strike by workers for a single day to draw attention to just what happens when there are less cars on the road? Or a city wide strike on cars for a single day and horrifically overload the public transport infrastructure (such as it is) to draw attention to just how deficient it is?

i agree that driving more conservatively makes sense - but how about another small thing such as ‘talk to your local politician about better public transport’.

cameron burgess on 07/21 at 12:29 PM


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