A Small Thing

In the past, whenever I heard the words “life changing event” I imagined a single event in which my entire life changed. Recently I came to realize that life changing events happen every day. These events are usually a series of small things that happen, not always one major event. These smaller events, whether physical or metaphysical, create new ideas and have the potential to expand our current thinking and improve our physical circumstances. A simple shift in thinking about one negative thing can be life changing when you begin looking at it in a positive light.

What do you think?

I like the way you think. Thanks!

Ben Woods on 05/04 at 07:03 PM

Great perspective Bryanb72. Very insightful!

David on 05/04 at 07:08 PM

Testing testing testing testing testing

Tester on 05/06 at 11:55 AM


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