Small Things

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No one knows anything for absolute sure.

You are only truly smart when you realize how much you don’t know.

Be confident rather than positive. You could be wrong.

The greatest aid in getting anything done is the belief that you can do it.

Don’t be limited by your limitations.

Doesn’t it seem so much easier to run from your problems? It does SEEM that way sometimes but it really turns out to be so much worse. When we actually face and push through our problems, we grow, and we don’t have to come back and confront them later. It’s actually a lot easier to face our problems now.

Small things and small decisions can be much more efficient and effective, rather than getting overwhelmed by diving head-first into something big, which can often paralyze us because the consequences and the commitments are just too much. Break your big changes/projects down into small parts. It’s much more empowering, sustainable, and more likely to bear fruit.

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The Universe Is Interested in You

The universe is more interested in you than you are in it. Why? Because the universe is trying to evolve, at the level of consciousness, and consciousness can only develop through you. Human beings are the vehicles through which consciousness can take the next step. From this perspective, we are merely pawns in a much larger process. Spiritual awakening is not about you or me—it’s about the evolution of the process itself. Individuals who have been culturally conditioned to see the world through a very small and personal lens find that very hard to appreciate. But as you begin to…

- Andrew Cohen

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