One definition of an enlightened person is one who always has everything they need. At every moment what they need is there; they’re not seeking anything. If you really are seriously practicing to be free and to simultaneously realize enlightenment, you never seek out of the immediate situation, no matter how bad it is. You transform the immediate situation into what you need.

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Paper Towels

When you’re in a public restroom, take a look at how many paper towels get used. When we aren’t paying attention, we tend to pull out a few extra when we don’t really need to. Most of paper in that big clump stays dry. See if you can get away with just using one (or even none, if you’re feeling it). You can save hundreds and even thousands a year just by making this simple shift. Imagine the numbers if thousands of people did the same. It all adds up…. and that leaves more trees creating fresh air for us.

by David

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