The traditional notion of enlightenment was all about winning release—profound existential release from the world and the time process. And that release occurs when you begin focus on the Ground of your own Being, on the nature of consciousness itself, free from any identification with time or any objects. As that happens, you sink deeper and deeper, until you find yourself in an ocean of timelessness. And when you find yourself in this ocean of timelessness, if you have the courage to stay very awake, what happens is that the sense of time ultimately disappears altogether. And that’s the only place and the only way to experience unparalleled and perfect freedom, because it is only in that mysterious place that exists before time began, before the universe was created, that perfection exists. The only thing that is perfect is that empty ground, because nothing has happened there yet—the world has not been created, no mistakes have been made, and no chaos or confusion could possibly arise, because nothing has ever happened. That is why, when you enter into this timeless depth, you will have the experience of rapture and absolute release. It’s a natural result of recognizing the inherently already perfect nature of that empty ground.

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Say I’m Sorry

When you’re wrong, say I’m sorry…. and really mean it. Doesn’t it feel good to let go of your attachment to being right? It feels good to admit it to yourself. It’s actually freeing! Plus, you’re making someone else feel cared for. Win, win!

by David

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