Consciousness, in manifestation, has its own energy. And when we feel the unique energy of consciousness powerfully and palpably, we have spiritual experiences. Consciousness is not inert or passive but active. We discover this for ourselves when we recognize that consciousness is always mysteriously seeking for itself, when we become aware of the pulsation of that subtle impulse within us that is spiritual yearning. I’m speaking about the tug of the heart from the deepest part of the Self. That tug is the felt urge towards the mystery of consciousness. It is the drive towards transcendence and spiritual freedom. It’s the mystical pulsation that arises from our own interiors, compelling us to seek our own salvation. The energy of consciousness is the experience of overwhelming fullness of being, lightness of being, a spiritual ecstasy that reaches toward infinity, a fearless transparency that knows no other, and an indestructible throbbing buoyancy that is the very essence of what life is.

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Make Someone’s Day

Try to make someone’s day, everyday. Why not try to make everyone’s day everyday? It’s the kind of thing that just might catch on and I don’t think anybody will complain. Plus, you’ll probably make your own day at the same time. And you never know what might happen when you help out a complete stranger.

by David

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