A very big part of individual and collective evolution and development has to do with the way we understand our experience and the way we interpret our experience. There’s a very big difference between the experience of intensity, no matter what kind of intensity it is, and actually understanding what it is that’s happening to us. As our own interest in the human experience deepens, and we become interested in the philosophical and spiritual context of our own experience and of the human experience, that interest will have a dramatic effect on the way we interpret the experience that we’re actually having. The bigger the philosophical and spiritual context, the bigger the context we have on our experience. That means the way we interpret it is going to change. It’s going to deepen, it’s going to become more profound.

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Eat Organic

Organic foods are good for many reasons and here are just a few. They contain less pesticides and nitrates, which have been linked to a range of health problems including diabetes and Alzheimer’s, organic plant products are more nutrient dense, have higher levels of minerals, contain more antioxidants, and organic animal products contain more polyunsaturated fatty acids. Plus, they have much less of a negative effect on the land and water supply.

by David

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