To become a true seeker requires the heroic willingness to suspend, at a fundamental level, our most cherished beliefs. I’m not speaking about suspending our good judgment, discerning intellect, or common sense, but I am saying that we have to be willing to let go, even if only temporarily, of whatever our deepest convictions are about the nature of life, love, purpose, and the meaning—or meaninglessness—of existence. Perennial enlightenment teachings tell us that we have to make room for the unknown. And to make this more specific, I always say that to seek in earnest means that we have to ceaselessly make the effort to peer beyond what we already know. It is only beyond the boundaries of already knowing that we come upon that miraculous domain of unmanifest creative potential and higher knowledge that always liberates and is ever new. And in an evolving world, this will always be the case, because there will always be infinitely more development at every level, more knowledge, and ever-deepening enlightenment to unfold within us.

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Switch over to rechargeable batteries. Not only will you save money and time, you’ll also save the earth and water from some of the worst toxins on the mass market. Plus, in some states it’s illegal to throw your batteries away. If you have non-rechargeable batteries that are dead, find a local battery recycling center to drop them off at. Libraries, electronic stores, and hazardous waste facilities are usually a good bet.

by David

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