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In the past, whenever I heard the words “life changing event” I imagined a single event in which my entire life changed. Recently I came to realize that life changing events happen every day. These events are usually a series of small things that happen, not always one major event. These smaller events, whether physical or metaphysical, create new ideas and have the potential to expand our current thinking and improve our physical circumstances. A simple shift in thinking about one negative thing can be life changing when you begin looking at it in a positive light.

The next time you’re doing something like cleaning your car, packing for a trip or just going to the store, see if you can remember to hear that small voice that tells you what you may forget. So often I find that later in the day or week, I remember hearing the words “don’t forget that”, “pick that up”, “write that down” or “take that with you”. Then I think back and realize, if I had really been paying attention, I’d have listened and written it down, picked it up or taken it with me and not forgotten whatever it was. It feels great when you listen to that small voice and really contributes to optimizing each moment and even the future.

Fighting for Authenticity

Authenticity means freedom from pretense. The ego is a veil of pretense, a mask over the self. It’s an appearance, an image that is false and inauthentic. Authenticity is the expression of an integrated self—in whom the appearance and the reality, the motive and the action have become one seamless movement. But the capacity for authenticity is something we have to cultivate and something we have to fight for. The degree to which we are identified with ego and narcissism is the degree to which we will find authenticity emotionally unbearable. Many of us are so used to being inauthentic…

- Andrew Cohen

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